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What are the Main Pipe Fittings?

Jan. 21, 2021

As a Carbon Steel Flanges Manufacturers, share with you.

In the pipe market, the so-called pipe fittings are the parts and components that play a series of roles in the pipeline system, such as connecting water pipes, controlling water flow in phase and diversion, supporting water pipes and sealing the water pipe system. If you compare a water pipe to a driving car, then the pipe fitting can be said to be a steering wheel! And pipe fitting is a general term. Under this general term, there are many parts that play different roles. So which parts are the pipe fittings mainly included? You might as well distinguish them in detail according to their purpose. The results turned out to be only the following three categories.

Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings

Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings

1. Pipe fittings used for connection:

(1) Flange: often used in the connection between the end of the water pipe and the end of the water pipe

(2) Live connection: The shape is a three-dimensional polygon plus inner thread structure, usually a fixed joint and a live female joint. Generally can be divided into internal thread live connection and external thread live connection.

What are the main pipe fittings?

(3) Pipe clamp: This pipe fitting is often used in industrial pipelines. It is a short section of pipe. Connecting two pipes is its main purpose. In household water pipes, we can also call it: pipe sleeve, and now more Reducing pipe sleeves are often used.

What are the main pipe fittings?

(4) Throat hoop: The shape of the hose hoop looks a bit similar to the hoop curse (see the picture below). It is not common in water pipes. It is usually used in automobiles, locomotives, ships and other fields, and is used for pipe fittings that play a role in the connection process. .

(5) Pipe clamp: pipe fittings used to fix water pipes.

What are the main pipe fittings? This is a pipe card

(6) Double inner wire bending: mainly used for connecting hot and cold water faucets. Because the length is fixed, there is no need for plumbers to measure. This is only developed for the convenience of plumbers.

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